Execution of articles

Edition adopts articles from 0,5 to 1 items of l. (40 000 signs); messages – up to 0,5 items of l. (20 000 signs).

Page setup: fields – 2 cm; a format – A4; a paragraph space – 1 cm (in the automatic mode); a size – 14; a line spacing – 1; The author’s full name lowercase letters (for example, I.I. Ivanov) over the name of article; name of article lowercase letters; the summary to article in the Russian and English languages (up to 500 signs); the name and a surname of the author in the English and Russian languages; keywords in the Russian and English languages (up to 10 words); instruction UDC; when citing it is necessary to use only the Russian option of quotes (“”).

The literature used when writing article has to be issued as follows: in alphabetical order; each new source – from a new line; with the indication of publishing house and (for articles) total of pages; the reference to the source in the text is given in square brackets [5, page 17]

Notes are made out in the form of paginal automatic footnotes (a size 10; numbering begins on each village)

The bibliography is made out according to GOST P 7.05-2008.

Information about the author is submitted by the separate file and includes: Full name; indication of an academic degree and academic status; information on the place of study of the graduate student or applicant (city, higher education institution) and data on the research supervisor; the recommendation of the research supervisor (for graduate students); position, place of work; E-mail; contact phone; address of the organization.