Editorial ethics

Edition is based on the recommendations of Committee on ethics of scientific publications (Committee of Publication Ethics) and also on experience of authoritative domestic magazines and publishing houses.

 Duties of authors
The editorial office publishes original materials and results of independent scientific research. Besides justification of relevance of a research, article has to contain established facts and also the necessary references indicating the previous researches. The manuscript of article has to be presented to one magazine and not duplicate the publication in other editions. Article adopted to the publication is posted in open access on the magazine website when saving copyright.

Obligations of the editorial office
The decision on the publication of articles and materials is accepted on the basis of internal reviewing. In case of a rejection of article edition grants to the author the right for completion taking into account the remarks made by the reviewer, in case of a final rejection of article undertakes not to disclose a confidential information and not to use materials in own work of the editor or reviewer.