About the journal

Journal “Human. Culture. Education “published in 2011. The mass media registration certificate PI number TU11-0174 from October 30, 2012 The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Registration number 261-06 from July 2, 2012. The journal is intended for the publication of articles and materials on actual problems of contemporary academic knowledge and the results of theoretical, methodological and practical research in the field of cultural studies, philosophy of culture, history, philology, pedagogy.

The journal offers a platform for debate on the most pressing issues of social and humanitarian knowledge. The journal publishes results of experimental studies in the field of pedagogics and methods of teaching the humanities in secondary and higher educational institutions.

The journal includes the questions of philosophical, cultural and social anthropology (history and modernity). Editorial Board attaches great importance to research in general semiotics and semiotics of culture. The journal publishes the results of the study of modern media, intellectual, artistic, socio-cultural practices. Significant thematic sections are publications related to the analysis of contemporary socio-cultural processes.